Courtney Kaita

Genre-crossing cellist

26 years old

Principal of the Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra

Co-principal of the Greenwich Village Orchestra

Member of indie rock band Sun Nectar

finance specialist by day

sun nectar

Brooklyn-based band with strings, sticks, and character. Like a puppet. Who falls into a cave of prisms and rainbows.

Sun Nectar's first step into the world, Sheep Love & Metal Gloves, is a beautifully crafted compositional feat employing a soaring string quartet that weaves through unique song structures grounded in grooves, with melodies that resemble pop music. The band believes in the power of the pocket, using phat grooves for feel and string quartet for humanity. 

This record explores our culture‚Äôs sheep and ant-like qualities, the search for unique love and the associated anomalies, and the internal struggle to stay afloat in a sea of information and contrary motion. It reminds us that our spirits are out there somewhere. 

released 05 august 2014